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How Social Media is Fueling the Next Big Evolution in Recruitment

Companies will miss out on great candidates if they’re not being social

In case you’ve been asleep for, let’s say the last decade or so, you’ve come across this thing called social media once or twice. It has become an omnipresent force in society, used by celebrities, politicians, and even the Pope. And although it’s taken some time, HR departments and recruiters are finally starting to use social media effectively to find talent.

The tried and true resume won’t be going anywhere quite yet, but social media is beginning to play a major role in recruitment for a variety of reasons.

It’s used by pretty much everybody

If you want to reach anyone these days, your first (and maybe only) step should be to get on social media. The general feeling used to be that younger people were the predominant group tweeting and posting, but that’s shifted. These days most job seekers use social networks, and job listings will be seen by many more of them when posted there.

Social integration streamlines the process

Nothing is just one thing anymore, and this is especially evident when it comes to job boards. When posting jobs, companies can now easily integrate with social media. In many cases someone can apply for a job simply by submitting their LinkedIn profile.

Simpler applications

While companies will want to get in-depth information about candidates, that may not be necessary immediately. In fact, requiring a very long application may turn off people who could be perfect for the job. This is where one-click apply buttons come in, and they can easily be added to job postings on social networks.

More networks mean a bigger reach

Social media still has a “big three” of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but things are starting to change. If a company wants to expand their search for good candidates, they’ll utilize other sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, or even Pinterest, all of which are used by millions of people. And certain companies who don’t spend any time on boards like reddit are missing out on some very specific types of candidates (who are often technically-inclined).

A clearer picture of candidates

While a resume and references may still be the main things for a company to focus on, social media allows recruiters to learn much more about candidates. Checking out their presence on a variety of channels offers great insight and how they may fit (or not fit) within a company’s culture.

A two-way street

Just as businesses can use social media to find job seekers, those seekers in turn can use it to learn more about a company and decide if they want to apply. This is one of the reasons that maintaining corporate social networks is important. If they are collecting dust or – worse – don’t exist, this could be a deal-breaker for a candidate. Social media gives businesses a great way to showcase what they’re all about and come up with ways to entice folks to check them out.

If you’re looking for great candidates for your company, you should definitely be using social media. And if you want to make your search even easier, contact Capital Markets Placement. We can find you the best talent available while saving you time and trouble in the process. To get started, call us at 212.342.7430 or just fill out this contact form.

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