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Not Just an HR Challenge: Is the C-Suite Ready for the Change in Corporate Culture Needed to Integra

Culture may now be the most important recruiting tool available

Historically, organizations have not had to do a lot to attract talent. A good salary and maybe some benefits were usually all it took to get someone to apply. But, due to the growth in the number of businesses, that’s not always good enough anymore. Not only are companies battling each other for customers, there is also a fierce competition for the best employees. This is why corporate culture is now a major component of recruiting.

And if businesses want to find the best people, both their definition and scope of corporate culture need to undergo a change.

Why is culture so vital for recruitment?

In any aspect of life, people want to fit in. Whether it’s a school, neighborhood, or especially a job, they want to be in a place where they are comfortable and with people who share their values. This is where a strong, compatible corporate culture comes into play.

When a job candidate looks at a website, social media channels, articles, and anything else pertaining to a company, they should be able to get a feel for what the culture is all about. If it seems as though it would be a good fit, not only will they apply, they’ll be jazzed to picture themselves working there. Conversely, if they discover that the culture isn’t right for them, they won’t waste a recruiter’s time applying. It is a basic, passive step in vetting the right employees.

Emphasizing corporate culture in the recruitment process offers other benefits, including:

• Limiting turnover: If a new team member a few weeks or months into the job suddenly realizes that the culture doesn’t work for them, they may decide it’s not worth sticking around. Now recruitment has to start all over again, costing the business both time and money.

• Increasing employee referrals: Often current employees are the best resources for finding new talent. And companies with good, well-developed cultures typically produce employees who are more engaged and willing to spread the word. This means that instead of having to go look for candidates, recruiters may just need to sit back and let them come in on their own.

Because the right talent is critical to a company’s success, old recruitment tactics just don’t cut it anymore. Senior executives have to realize that culture is now as significant as anything else that their companies can offer to candidates.

To find people who will fit in with your corporate culture, get in touch with Capital Markets Placement. For almost a decade, we’ve been helping companies hire the best talent while saving them both time and money. To start your search, call us at 212.342.7430 or fill out our contact form to let us know how we can help.

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